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Treatment for Head Injuries in Babies, Teens and Adults

Chiropractors have all seen patients whose problems have originated from a head injury. The first head injury can occur during childbirth or from falls in infancy, from the child hitting his or her head on the edge of a coffee table, or if the child tumbles down the stairs. The incidence of head injuries caused by accidental hits from baseball bats, swings, balls, pucks, fists, sports injuries, car and industrial accidents are extremely common.

Unfortunately, most of these patients do not receive adequate care for these injuries and their conditions deteriorate and result in chronic, debilitating health problems. Post-concussion syndrome is an excellent example of what happens when a head injury is not corrected. The injury to the head is sufficient enough to cause temporary unconsciousness in some cases. The patient survives, but has many acute symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Speech difficulties
  • Memory lapses
  • Brain fog
  • Emotional irregularities
  • Decreased reflexes
  • Altered coordination
  • Behavior changes

If the cranial subluxations that resulted from the head injury are not corrected, these symptoms persist and become chronic, causing a lifetime of pain, an emotional rollercoaster, cognitive disorders and cognitive difficulties resulting in a substandard level of life and health.

Learning difficulties in special needs children are another example. Some children will have difficulty with speech and math, while others will have difficulty with reading. This depends on which way the sphenoid is misaligned. When it goes to the left, it indents on the right, affecting reading. When the sphenoid bone goes to the right, it indents on the left affecting speech and math.

Cranial Adjusting Provides Faster and Better Recovery for Concussions

Post-concussion symptoms can remain long after the original trauma. Headaches persist, brain fog does not lift and disorientation can completely take over every aspect of life.

Modern advances in brain research and imaging have proven that the sutures to the bones in the skull contain blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, all within a space 1/100th of an inch across. They help nourish the cranium and facilitate movement of the bones that form the skull. The impact of a concussion can knock bones out of alignment and cut off the circulation within these sutures. Because the skull bones are still misaligned from the trauma, it is difficult for normal brain function to be restored.

However, traditional treatment protocols still prevail. Concussion sufferers are prescribed rest, including plenty of sleep at night, plus rest during the day. Very gradually, they can return to normal activities at a pace that does not reactivate the symptoms, or cause them to worsen.

Post-Concussion Symptoms Can Continue Long After the Injury

Symptoms can persist indefinitely though, since the bones will not easily recover their anatomical alignment on their own. Having previously sustained a sport concussion can also be a strong factor in increasing the susceptibility to further concussions, as well as suffering more severe symptoms. Successive concussions may worsen the previous symptoms, even if a subsequent injury occurs months or possibly years later. These are the reasons so many athletes decide to retire. On the outside, they may still look young and strong but they are not.

Cranial Adjusting Speeds Recovery from Concussions

Dr. Juergens has studied with Dr. Roger Turner who developed a breakthrough technique for correcting the misalignments in the skull caused from the trauma involved in concussions. Our Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.) can realign the bones and restore the proper circulation of cerebral spinal fluid and blood to the nerves and tissues damaged by misaligned bones. We have helped concussion sufferers get back their lives and do it more quickly than the traditional treatment protocols.

*This information is from Dr. Turner's website